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Nov 9, 2016
This headphone drop was a real gem and gave me real hope of getting one – gotta thank you for just making that kind of feeling even possible! Who could have dreamt of getting this kind of headphone for this kind of price - and customized no less!
Now, more than 24 hours after drop launch I have no communication from you about my purchase attempt that was within the first several minutes of drop launch. No transactions listed on my Massdrop account or credit card after several attempts that morning either – it’s as if it never happened !! I just don’t know what to think about this mishap. I do know however as in life - in business, staying true to your word is far better than not doing so. You say you will sort through the purchase logs chronologically. I can only hope that you do right by that then for all transaction attempts, including mine.
Moreover, I hope the fine person(s) who came up with and brought about this awesome Massdrop can get together with equally awesome ecommerce person(s) to effect a near flawless purchase-execution process complete with useful purchase transaction progress notifications and balanced drop-que management plus coordination.
Of course I hope to look forward to even better and amazing headphone Massdrop gems.
Onward and upward.
Nov 9, 2016
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