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Aug 4, 2019
Good value, very happy
I was pretty nervous purchasing this, I just wasn't sure what to expect. I'd been eyeing it for quite awhile but finally purchased when it was on sale for $401. I read as many reviews as possible and watched the youtube ones. For context, I am not an expert on picture quality or color accuracy. Pros:
  • Packed very well, received mine undamaged
  • Matte metal accents on the front look really nice
  • Easy setup, no problem with the stand
  • No silly gamer aesthetics (my preference) would look nice anywhere
  • Picture to me (layman, not an expert) looks good
  • The damn menu button! It's true, its pretty awful and not very intuitive (I did figure things out after about 5-10 min)
  • I was waffling between this and an LG for quite some time because LG includes some great multi-tasking features that this one does not. Yes, they are (sort of, kind of) there through the menu buttons, but not as nice or easy to get to/use.
Not necessarily cons:
  • I used a review from Tom's Hardware to calibrate parts of the picture and color
  • Shiny black plastic on the back, no problem with plastic, but matte would be nicer looking
Overall: I'm happy with my purchase and I don't regret getting it. For the price, and what I wanted to spend, this is great.
Would recommend to a friend.
Aug 4, 2019
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