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Feb 14, 2016
Just joined Drop. Lucky timing I guess. I was seriously scrutinizing the Akg 7 series vs Beyer dt-880 600 ohm and senn hd 600 for a mostly flat response headphone. True flat doesn't exist for headphones like speakers and monitors. Senn's seem less linear and I do not like a rolled off 6k-20khz veiled sound. The AKG although not as linear in midrange area seems in the middle between the brightness of the Beyer DT series and the Senn Hd 6xx. I was looking at the Tyll's innerfidelity's tests and discovered the AKG K7XX is much closer to a AKG 712 with mid to low bass emphasis vs being a q701, k701 or k702 driver. So essentially a Bassy 712! Overall despite the peak and valleys the averaging levels seem like they would garner a more linear response like a warmer BD DT-880. I know it isn't on the wall of Fame over there but it seems Tyll's preference is midrange focused versus linear speaker like. No offense to the amazing efforts over there.
The Red Black is awesome but classic AKG black gold would be cool too.
Happy V-Day to us Audio Lovers!
Feb 14, 2016
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