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Feb 22, 2016
So... The elastics aren't really replaceable on this cans. Too much plastic and glue. Might grab these while I can as backup. In the meantime my gf suggested dabs of hotglue to look the band in place at the most comfortable position and it worked a treat.
While I had the AKGs apart I used my Beyer DT770s for a bit. I have to say. In gaming the 7XX blow them out of the water. More so than testing with music. Testing in the Citadel in ME3. Dat bass in Purgatory. The DT770 had the bigger bass, but the 7XXs had you feeling it more. Voices on the DT770 were a little empty and muffled. 7XX they were clear and full even in a "nightclub" environment.
Feb 22, 2016
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