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Feb 25, 2016
i had this huge thing i typed about how msrp works and such ..then i realised it does not matter... this is simple.. if you think the price of the item is worth it..and you want it..if not..then dont buy it. The manufacturer could say its worth 1 million and massdrop sells it for 10 cents....if you dont think its worth 10 cents..then just dont buy it. As for ethics.... the simple honest truth is business's that dont make a profit will disappear once their capital runs out ...regardless of their ethics... Which is why some places wont do certain things..the profit is not there and as a result, the business just cant offer that item or forget the price of stuff.. just look at the item ..look at the cost and decide.."is this worth it to me?" .. the yes or no will help determine what you do.
Feb 25, 2016
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