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Mar 12, 2016
Got mine today. Very happy with them so far. Light, and comfortable don't quite do it justice. They feel really great. REALLY great.
Sound wise, I don't hear anything crazy groundbreaking. They sound good, but not miles ahead of my Sennheisers I normally use. Definitely pleasing. I do hear what people refer to as a wider sound stage, especially from using closed back exclusively. The bass is right where I like it, and everything else seems well balanced. If the break in as others have mentioned will net an increase in quality, RIP Sennheisers. Just need to source a mic for them now.
For anyone looking for number info, I ordered around 1030ish, got sn 1375.
Edit: After listening a little more, they do have a sort of dark character to them, but surprisingly punchy. Go listen to Counting Crows Live at Town Hall, and tell me you don't love these headphones.
Mar 12, 2016
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