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Dec 15, 2020
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Parroting what BluJay614 said here; they're a light, plastic pair of headphones, with a focus on mids, totally absent bass, and a okay high. I would only really buy them again if they were a bit cheaper and I had a bigger need for lightness or reducing- though that's not the case.
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Feb 26, 2021
Encore_LI'll add my feelings here:... Absolutely not comfortable ear pads - round shape - press on the ears !!! - the engineers who made them are aliens with round ears? they weren't attentive - people don't have round ears. The second question is the sound (high) - if you pull out the foam mat from under the ear cushions, you will hear the sound that these headphones can give but do not give until you pull out this mat. Total: cheap headphones with cheap sound, which press on the ears painfully after 30 minutes - but they are not expensive - was it worth buying? no - too many disadvantages.
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