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Oct 4, 2018
AKG makes great headphones and these hit the mark. At the price point, these are an exceptional value and product. Compared to the K240 you get a very similar product for a few bucks cheaper. They are very neutral in their sound, so if you want a lot of low end or extremely bright top end these may not be for you. Build quality is on par for the price range and being able to swap out the cable should the 3.5mm end go bad is a major bonus. I use these while editing video and they provide the accuracy needed for the type of work I do. They are very comfortable with the only negative being the vinyl pads do build up heat so a swap to velour is recommended. I have no problem driving them with any of my editing computers but a headphone amplifier does improve the sound level and accuracy. The semi open back does bleed a fair amount of sound, so if you like isolating yourself from the outside world or are using them to mix live, I would look elsewhere. To sum it up, these are great headphones for $50. I would recommend them to anyone wanting an inexpensive set of accurate and neutral cans for either enjoying music or mixing in post.
Oct 4, 2018
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