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Oct 9, 2018
I'm a sucker for a nice set of cans. Any good looking pair that comes down the pike turns my head. I cannot stomach anything over 200 dollars (and I wish I had not spent that much - I don't have the ears to appreciate them), but I have a dozen and a half on-ear and in-ear. Unless you have the golden ears to appreciate the 2% difference for four times the price, get these. They are my go-to headphones. They are flat / neutral. No bumped up bass (I do enjoy that too, but these are not for that). No hiss on the top end. I like the very long cable. I like that it is replaceable. I like that the adapter screws on. The ear cups are not ideal - the vinyl pressing on your ears gets a bit sticky after a couple hours, but to me that is no biggie. I don't think these will 'wow' anyone with their sound, but like an obsequious waiter in a good restaurant, they don't draw attention to themselves, they sorta disappear and let you enjoy your music.
Oct 9, 2018
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