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Oct 25, 2018
I bought the black version of these M220’s and replaced the ear pads with the superior Brainwavs. After burning these in for a couple weeks with different tracks and listening through a Schitt Magni/Modi 3 stack, I can honestly say the following: These are not good headphones at all. But for $50, these might be a great pair for beginners. My Monoprice planars sound much better for an extra $100 - they absolutely kill these M220s with a wider soundstage, smoother mids and clearer vocals. On that note, my B&O H9’s sound refined with the noise-cancellation turned off and connected via hard line when compared to these. And the H9’s don’t sound that great with the noise cancellation turned off. But! Someone starting off in audio would probably like these. My advice to someone contemplating these headphones: Hold off and pay an extra $150 to buy the higher-end AKG K7XX or the Sennheiser HD6xx models. Which is is what I should’ve done. I gave my M220s to my fiancé and she tossed them in a drawer after listening to them for a couple of days. And she’s no expert in audio or sound quality. I hope all all of you find the perfect pair of headphones for yourself. Let me know what works best for you. Cheers!
Oct 25, 2018
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