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Nov 10, 2018
First of all, I'm not an audiophile. I think these headphones are quite good for their price, but they definitely have their flaws. First of all: sound quality. Overall I think the sound quality is OK. The soundstage is really good, but that might also be because these are my first pair of (semi) open headphones. However, compared to my other headphones (ATH M40x) the sound is not as clear. Also, the M220s have even less bass than my ATH M40X while the ATH M40X are said to be "flat" as well. Then again, the M40X costs nearly twice as much. These headphones are very comfortable. Build quality is not the best but it won't instantly break if you drop it (there's a headband that automatically adjusts to the size of your head but it's attached on 2 elastic strings which does not seem very durable). If you enjoy a good soundstage these are nice headphones. I would say they're also suitable for videogames. However they're lacking in the bass department. Yes, I know it's a pair of studioheadphones with a supposedly "flat" frequency response but I'm not even a basshead as I'm used to the sound of the ATH M40X, but still I think there's not enough bass on the M220. Even non-artificial bass sounds like a kick drum sound too soft.
Nov 10, 2018
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