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Dec 27, 2017
Just received my chair, 12/27/17:
The Good: 1) Shipping was faster than expected. 2) Install was fairly quick. Parts fit very well, instructions were great and assembly was quite easy. 3) The chair looks very classy - even got that new car smell! 4) Armrest adjustments are really nice. 5) The back rest looks and feels great, and I really like both the neck and lumbar pillows. 6) Customer support was AMAZING when I called during the "tilt" confusion/refund issues. Really impressed and excited to have a great company backing up the product.
The Disappointing: 1) The seat design might look stunning - BUT the use of the thick/raised seems, especially on the front of the cushion, was a huge oversight in my opinion. I have fairly thick jeans on, and I can feel the thick/raised seems it on the back of my legs/knees. Looking at the V2, I think the smooth edge would be MUCH more comfortable. I am guessing that wearing these with shorts could be uncomfortable for long sessions. Even sitting here typing this, I am feeling quite frustrated with the rubbing behind my knees. 2) The seat is extremely flat, like Iowa flat - without any contour, and it lacks the nice side padding found on the V2 and other versions. So it doesn't hug the sides of your legs/backside like some of the other AKRacing chairs available. I underestimated the difference, and while I am sure it is a personal preference, I do wish I had gone with another version. I think the traditional "bucket" design is much more comfortable. *Hoping it will break in over time and become more comfortable. 3) Due to the above, the comfort of the seat leaves much to be desired. It is firm and will likely break in, maybe my expectations were too high. Definitely not the comfort I was anticipating.
Other Things to Note: 1) Box was missing the head rest fastener - not a huge problem, stays up alright without it. Going to call customer care tomorrow, I have no doubt they will take care of it. 2) The new "Perforated Alcantara" is a dog hair magnet - just something to note. 3) It is definitely more of an office chair than a gaming chair. I was hoping for the comfort of a gaming chair, with the class of an office chair - unfortunately this did not meet those expectations.
Overall: I like it... but I must admit I am disappointed due to the seat's raised seems and lack of contour. Even my $40 OfficeDepot special had a nicely contoured seat. I will be recommending friends go get the V2, rather than the Aero, at the our upcoming LAN.
Look: 8/10 Comfort: 6/10
Dec 27, 2017
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