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May 13, 2018
The cloth like seating surface is really nice; way better than PU leatherette and not slippery in slacks or jeans, but this thing is a huge chair. I am six foot 170lbs, my feet barely touch the ground, and the arm rests are in a really uncomfortable place. The seat length is perfect so the height is a bit weird (I assume it will squish down a bit as it settles. The big problem with the chair is that there is no back support without the pillow, but the pillow is way too thick to act as lumbar support. You basically end up with your back against the pillow and your shoulders on nothing. The smaller problem is that the arm rests have width adjustable brackets, but they are stuck at their maximum width due to the center mount. This could be fixed with some thick or stacked washers (it might need longer screws,) but they are not included.
Edit, the seat height is about 2" taller than the specs say. here is a pic of the minimum.
May 13, 2018
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