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May 26, 2018
Fantastic chair for the money! I'm 6ft tall, fairly muscular athletic build @208lbs with ~47" chest, I'm not huge and also not super thin, I need a strong supportive chair and this is it! I've gone through dozens of office chairs over the years from $40-150 from office stores. They ALL suffer the same issues. Not adjustable enough, not wide enough, no lumbar support, no neck support, seat area not large enough, shoulder area not supportive..the list is large. Plus they all wear out fast due to cheap materials. With this chair I can lay completely flat and take a nap, lean back just a little an relax while gaming, sit perfectly upright during long coding sessions etc. Chair height adjustment is good, it could be nice to have a tad more range, but it works well for me. I have no doubt that even during the peak of my body building/fitness phase of life (weighed 220lbs @ 14% body fat) it would have served me well!
Feels very well built, good material feel, not like that cheap PU leather on most office chairs that crumbles within a year. The perforated fabric areas are also a welcome addition during the hot months and so far I can tell a difference from my old 'leather' office chairs. The casters roll well even on carpet, the base is nice and sturdy, again I'm not a lightweight and I can recline to flat and not tip over! The spring tension adjustment on the rocking function works very well so far. The firmness of the cushion seems great to me, the fabric feels nice and soft, and some people complain about the stiffness of the arm rest padding, but it's fine in my opinion.
The only things I can complain about so far are: The wiggly sloppy nature of the arm rests. They lock into position OK, but even when locked they have a LOT of wiggle and rattle. Pretty annoying. The worst part of the arm rests is the sliding forward/back adjustment and pivot, it just has detents holding it in position, but they're light enough to be easily bumped out of position! Also rather frustrating. The plastic side cover panels over the hinges feel cheap don't fit very well and are clearly not designed properly so they're bent funny and/or have too much slop. The adjustment method (just elastic bands) for the lumbar support and head pillow could be a LOT better! Sure the lumbar support stays in place once you set it, but man what a pain to actually adjust. Or if I want to move it out of the way, it is a royal pain to just remove. The head pillow has zero height adjustment, so basically if you're sitting up, reclining, or laying down flat, you'll have to manually pull it into the right spot and put your head on it so it stays. Otherwise the elastic just pulls it back up to its neutral rest position. Again, pretty annoying, but definitely far from a complete deal breaker at this price.
I've read a ton of reviews that say things like "Just go buy a BLAHBLAHBLAH fancy high cost specialty office chair if you want adjustable bits and comfort" ! Yeah some of us aren't made of money and can't afford to burn $1k to be comfortable while working at a desk! lol This chair fits the bill perfectly for price range.
May 26, 2018
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