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Jul 26, 2018
Like aDaK said, the chair seat is extremely flat. I find the chair extremely uncomfortable with shorts on. If I'm not wearing jeans or sweats, I find the thick stitching and the non-contoured, flat seat to be annoying and uncomfortable. But if I'm wearing jeans, I'm not comfortable either since it's hot (I live in Texas, my high today was 106 degrees Fahrenheit). The lumbar and headrest pillows are silly nuisances as they are on most other "gaming/racing" chairs. They never sit still and the adjustments don't really matter since the lumbar pillow will get nudged around with regular chair use. I could also never find a position that actually felt comfortable or beneficial to my posture. In summary: the support pillows are gimmicks.
The 4D adjustability arm rests are also a gimmick since all this does is make the arms extremely easy to accidentally shift to the left or right. They also have no contour and they're just flat. I just find these poor choices unacceptable. They're not grievous errors that make it absolutely unbearable to sit in or use until you reflect on the fact you spent nearly $300 for a crappy chair. The $100 Office Depot/Office Max chair was more comfortable in every single way except for the fact the back rest was just a little short for me. I'm nothing extraordinary in the height or weight department either at 6'1, 230 pounds.
The only positive thing I could say about the chair is the astounding rigidity of it and the fast, early shipping. If I had a return option I would have returned it within the month. I'm not sure if this was an option but for two months I desperately tried tricking myself into thinking the chair was good so I didn't feel bad about the purchase. I'm using the $200 Massdrop Flex chair now which is much, much better. The Massdrop Flex isn't perfect either but I'm pretty happy with it. I really can't recommend The Massdrop x AKRacing Aero chair at all. I think people are afraid of giving truly negative reviews and I am also in that boat but this is the worst way for you to use $300. I think I was slightly annoyed with all the "I got a Herman Miller Aeron chair for fifty cents at an estate sale in my area! Just get one of those," stories (I'll literally never find one for less than $350-400+) and figured for $300 - this AKRacing chair MUST be exceptional. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. It's not some abomination but for $300 you don't want an okay, decent or acceptable chair - you want something special and this simply doesn't achieve that.
Jul 26, 2018
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