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Sep 11, 2018
Chair arrived damaged, I have not heard back from massdrop support yet it has been a few days. Ignoring that, the chair is suitable for what I wanted. I really enjoy the flat seat rather than a bucket style because I like to sit cross-legged sometimes. I will edit this review pending an answer from support, I really hope they send me replacements for the damaged part of the chair. This is too heavy to be shipped in a basic box like it is currently. I would have paid another 20 or 30 dollars for the piece of mind of knowing this very expensive (for me) purchase would have arrived in mint condition.
UPDATE: Support replied back, offering me three options. A prepaid return label for a full refund, a prepaid return label for exchanging for a new chair, or a 20 percent refund. I chose the 20% refund, as I dont have the time or resources to dismantle the chair and transport the large heavy box to a ups store right now. I really feel this would not be an issue if the chair was packaged more securely. To be clear, this is a great chair. But, this experience will impact my further patronage to massdrop.
Sep 11, 2018
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