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Oct 3, 2018
What's the difference between this, and the other AKRacing gaming chairs? Thanks!
Oct 3, 2018
Oct 16, 2018
I've owned an Overture series chair before this. The differences that I've noticed are:
The aero can lock the seat base at a range of tilt angles but the overture can only lock upright.
Both chairs list "55kg/m^2" for foam density, but the aero feels significantly softer, IMO.
Most AKRacing chairs I've seen use almost exclusively PU leather as their material, but the aero is mostly alcantara (a significant improvement in comfort, IMO)
The aero has a flater seat while almost all other AKRacing chairs I've seen have very high sides with a steel bar that make crossing legs or sitting anywhere but dead center almost impossible.
The aero is also rather high. I'm a little over 6 feet, but am most comfortable sitting close to the lowest seat elevation. (Shorter pistons can be bought elsewhere, like amazon)
That's all I can remember for sure off the top of my head. Sorry for making the post so long, but hope I helped!
Oct 16, 2018
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