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Feb 26, 2019
You know, I've read the other comments. Most of them are spot on and the "complaints" are generally (in my opin-on) driven by person preference/likes. Yes, the seat is flat, the foam is fairly firm but comfortable. I haven't decided if I like the back support and headrest or not, but it's there if I want it. I think the build quality is good, the material is nice. If getting crumbs on the seat and falling into the material is a problem, well, try not being so messy. I'm 5'9" tall/150 lbs and pretty much the classic body size/build for just about everything designed for a typical guy. The seat height (when as low as it goes) just BARELY allows me to set my feet on the floor. Lean back a little and I've got to put my feet on the chair legs. So other comments I've seen about this issue are valid. I, however, tend to sit in the chair with my feet up on the chair in front of me (like I'm squatting), or crosslegged in the chair - and the chair size/width is just right for me to do that, so no complaint here. Yes, the arm rests do swivel easily. The wheels are large and it does roll easily. Amazingly, I can recline all the way back without the chair tipping over. It was easy for me (one person) to put together in about 15 minutes. The back support and headrest are held in place by very thin elastic bands - I expect they'll stretch/relax eventually and I'll have to deal with that. I DO wish it lowered further; it sits up higher than the chair it replaced and just barely allows me to slide under my desk. Lastly, the rocking feature is next to worthless; I thought it was broken and couldn't rock when I first tried it. As I've seen others comment, it's so stiff that I can't make it rock even at it's loosest setting. It's a geometry thing with the seat base and probably necessary to allow you to recline so far back without turtling up. IF you recline the back of the seat, you can rock away just fine. But sitting up like you're working - forget it. Of course, if I recline, my feet don't touch the floor anymore. Hmmm. I'm not unhappy with the purchase and I think I got a nice chair for the price. But there are a couple things I wish were different.
Feb 26, 2019
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