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Mar 5, 2019
  • FLAT SEAT! I normally have issues sitting cross-legged in gaming/racing chairs due to the sides' curved bucket seat "wings". This one is flat and wide! Extremely cushy/bouncy seat. Supportive and firm, but still a joy to sit in after my Arozzi's firmer/harder pad.
  • Sturdy. Much sturdier than my Arozzi Verona was, on par with my Arozzi Toretta. Zero wobble on assembly. Any handle/knob on it is sturdier than any brand of gaming seat I've sat in so far.
  • Easier to assemble than any of the Arozzi's so far. Most of the screws are already pre-fitted and just need a tightening during assembly. They were thoughtful enough to have all the screws inserted into the holes they're intended for, so no "consult the manual" process while fishing the right ones out of a screw bag. I think there were about 10 screws total to mess with.
  • Great support for a 6'/200# body. I have very long legs and if I didn't sit cross-legged as much as I do, I would likely be a bit more concerned about the length of the seat pad while using the lumbar pillow. If you can forego the lumbar, it's fine, if not, consider a longer seat base.
  • Ergo/shape is good for me. The piston's upper height limits are great for me and my gaming desk, but might be a little awkward for the shortest height if you're using a low desk/setup.
  • All the other features (4D armrests, adjustable pillows, etc.) are all as nice as you'd expect. Nothing super wild. Arm rest height adjustment has a good range to accommodate any needed height.
  • The surface is nice, but still intended to use a slip cover on mine. I live in a very cold house and while it's not as bad as my other chairs' original pleather in the winter, stock surface is not exactly the warmest either.
Mar 5, 2019
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