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Mar 15, 2019
Most people that spend $300 on a chair would give it 5 stars just to feel justified on spending that much money. It really is a nice chair, really decent build quality, and just a FYI, I’m coming from a $179ish no name gaming chair I got off amazon. The back portion of the seat is very supportive, the bolsters and “race seat” style really do offer function. My one star deduction comes from the seat base/bottom. It’s flat, wide and kinda hard. It’s not uncomfortable but when you pair it with the back that kinda holds you everywhere and then the seat base is like sitting on a padded bench seat from a 1983 Buick (only not as supple) I’m 190 and 5’11” and there are a good 3” on each side of me until the arm rests, I actually stuff small leather head rest pillows between me and the arm rests when I’m sitting for a few hours, Keeps me centered in the seat. Overall it’s a very good computer chair, but not great.
Mar 15, 2019
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