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Apr 25, 2018
This amp comes with an OK tube, but really shines with better variants.
I have had the best sound with Short Plate Amperex 7308 GP, Amperex 6DJ8 (same tube) GP, Sylvania 5814, and Lindal 6CG7. Yeah, this amp will run a 6CG7. It will run "hot" but thats a hot tube to begin with as its the 9-pin version of the 6SN7.
The clarity and sound stage bumps up on all but the sylvania, but the tonal balance on the sylvania over the "modern" 6922 pairs a bit better.
6CG7 = Best of the bunch IMO as the clarity, soundstage, etc are all better with a deep low end thunder delivery that will make you laugh with joy. Pair with Iso/orthodynamic headphones for quick and smacky deep low end.
The Amperex Short Plate gold pins go for far too much money, so I would just heed my advice above. No guarantees that the 6CG7 will work long-term.
Apr 25, 2018
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