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Oct 20, 2019
I made my first set of cables .... balanced and unbalanced for these headphones..... (wire and connectors) - standard pin outs ... pin 1 to 4 mini XLR maps to pin 1 to 4 full size XLR ... Google is our friend ... Mini XLR connectors are a pain in the ass to solder ... Do the bottom wire first. Hybrid XL brainwaze pads are sounding great with these headphones Portable DAP Queststyle QP1R -> optical output (Lifatac glass cable) -> DAC: SMSL M300 (powered by eBay linear power supply ... ... Powering both DAP and DAC) -> balanced outputs -> AMP: XDUOO TA-20 ... Replaced stock tubes with NOS 1970's Tungsram tubes. 'Da' ... thank you comrades. I'm in heaven.
Oct 20, 2019
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