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Jan 18, 2018
Got these in a few days ago as an on-the-go/at home set for when I don't want to bother the roommate. I love the look of the wood: very elegant. They seem to fit pretty well once I wiggle them around a bit and are quite comfortable. Isolation isn't the best, but they do soften outside noises, and the boosted bass comes through clearly in noisy settings. Additionally, the microphonics (sounds carried by the cable) seem quite low, especially in comparison with in-ear headphones. As far as sound, they have a warm overall flavor with a bit of excitement in the upper midrange/lower treble that brings out some texture and detail at medium listening levels but can sound a bit rough when cranking up the volume. Overall, very nice for the price. I think I they sound about as good as my previous pair of closed back headphones, the NAD Viso HP50s, although those had more a reference/neutral tuning than the somewhat fun character of these headphones.
Jan 18, 2018
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