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Nov 3, 2019
Mine's arrived and I like the hand feel and action more than I like the looks. I paid for the carbon fiber and purple Mokuti upgrade but the 'purple' on mine turned out to be more of a purple-peach. (And if that doesn't sound like an improvement over the purple in the pictures, it's because it isn't). The Mokuti clip is as nice as it appears in the pics,I'll give it that - but it's almost impossible to see the same pattern on the collar ring the way it does in the pictures, without magnification and bright light. The carbon fiber is a lot lighter in shade on my knife than it is in the pictures here, as well. Not quite upset with the purchase, per se -- handfeel and build quality and design are all outstanding. Mr. Ochs has licensed a good design to Drop via Reate. It's my first Ochs and also the first Reate I've bought myself. Rock solid knife. But I would probably have been happier saving $125 and going with a G-10 version -- the anodizing on the carbon fiber version just isn't nearly as nice on my model as it is in the advertisement.
Nov 3, 2019
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