Sep 11, 2020
I'm missing my shipment also. The tracker says it was delivered on Sept 2. I'd have paid for better shipping if it was an option... Customer service is unresponsive.
Sep 14, 2020
It finally arrive. Worth the wait. Took about 2w after PostNL said it had been delivered to destination carrier.
  • Fit & finish - damn near perfect
  • My only critique is on the lanyard hole. The carbon fiber presents a sharp inside edge which should have been broken, not only to mitigate ware on the lanyard, but also to match the finish on the outside edge of the scales. A 1/4mm roundover/slap with a burnishing tip.
  • Bonus: It would be awesome if the pocket clip was easily removable. Perhaps offer a custom, mini-wrench that can get at the screw without dismantling the knife?
  • Action - clean
  • Detents are very positive
  • Flipper and studs work great
  • Wrist flicking is a joy
  • I refuse to "Spidey flick"
  • Blade
  • Geometry - perfect
  • Edge - very sharp
  • Drop Logo - acceptably discrete
  • Alignment when closed - dead center
  • Liner lock engagement - ~30%