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Apr 29, 2018
I was looking through the inventory of a used knife dealer who carries only customs, and higher-end midtech and production pieces. This is not unusual--I like to offset the cost new knives by a couple savvy sales of old ones, and I'm perpetually prowling for bargains on knives to flip for profit. Er...flip as in "resell", not flip like "blade deployment".
Anyway, the point is that I frequently look through this dealer's inventory, and for the first time in my admittedly not great experience, I saw a Falcon listed for the crazy price of $120. I call that figure crazy because usually when selling a production knive that is still being made, it has to be marked down at least 10%; 20% is even better, and if you want the thing to sell quickly, the markdown must be in the 25 to 35% range, depending upon what type of knife and how desireable it is. Which makes sense, of course: why would anyone pay full price for a used knife, no matter how cherry, when a brand new, untouched version can be had for the same price?
But that used Falcon, w/ a price of < 5% lower than the price for a new one , sold within a day, I believe. Maybe it was closer to two days, but regardless, it was gone quickly.
I have no idea why this was the case; I have no insight as to whether or not that price will hold for future used Falcons, nor if other We/FF/MD collaborations would sell as favoraby. In short, I have nothing to add to the facts as presented. But they are interesting facts, no?
Apr 29, 2018
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