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May 3, 2018
For the last year and a half I've been looking for a worthy upgrade to my beloved HD600. If I could find that below $1000 then I would reach an end game with headphones and amps. I've tried the DT 1990, Amiron Home, HD650, HE4XX, HE400i, and the HE400s with no success. They are all fine headphones and worthy of ownership but they didn't quite capture the versatility and the non-fatiguing nature of the HD600. The non-fatiguing part was critical, and all but the HD650, HE4XX, and HE400s failed in that regard.
I was hoping the Elex wouldn't disappoint and I am glad to find out it has not. I have been listening to them for about 10 hours and so far I have no complaints, which is ultra rare for me. I like the fact that the HD600 have a bit more midrange presence than the Elex, but they aren't as refined, balanced, resolving, and boast a soundstage as wide as the Elex. When I consider the tradeoffs, I think the Elex are definitely a worthy upgrade. They aren't an upgrade to the HD650 because they are slightly different. For me, my trinity of headphones will be as follows, the Oppo PM-3 when I need a closed back headhone, the HD650 for when I went smooth mids and a lower price ultra versatile headphone, and the Elex for fuller, more refined sound. I drive all my headphones with an Audeze Deckard, which is an outstanding amp, especially for the $350 refurb price I got it for.
Anyway, this is a long way of saying, that the Elex is a superb headphone and combines the best parts of a DT1990 with the non fatiguing nature of the HD600. That's a killer combination.
May 3, 2018
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