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Aug 10, 2018
Wow I just got mine an hr ago and I'm blown away coming from a daily planar headphone user. Quick overall impression: For dynamic headphones the bass on these headphones are perfectly balanced and detailed mid, highs. I'm using the cavalli liquid carbon X and there's no need to use the gain button at volume 11 o clock its already blowing me away. On gain the elex details shine even more! The voice is so detailed that it sounds like a real person speaking in my ear. Build in these headphones screams quality and hopefully it will last me forever.
When I put on gain button at 11 o clock with my m1060s the treble aren't smooth and volume is a bit loud with harder unbalanced bass. I currently own he4xx, m1060 and these focals elex come up on top. Glad I didn't buy the hd6xx and saved up for the focals. I will end up giving up my fostex ph for sure and m1060.
Aug 10, 2018
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