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Oct 24, 2016
I had HE 500 once, the sound has never been sharp and clear ,but warm and punchy; I wouldn't expect this headphone to have much different traits. Currently, I noticed that HE400I & HE 560 are really good headphones, if you are not really into astonishing classic genre. My pal is telling me HE 560 out performance Fortex 300 planner and even better than my Audeze EL-8 in terms of details while playing instruments only. Nevertheless, He 560 has a too much detailing sound which cut off the warmth of a typical Hifiman's sound signature. Players needs to watch out Mr.Rice(Founder of Hifiman), he had a weird taste of sound, knowing for thick and sweet sound in HM801 & HE500 +_+
Oct 24, 2016
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