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Mar 21, 2019
Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE-X Review Hi everyone, this is Maurice, also known as moedawg140 on Head-Fi. Here is my profile link if you'd like to read up a bit about me: . You can also find the review with video/pictures on my Instagram (moedawg140), here: . . I would like to thank Thomas, Christian, and the Massdrop team for the Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE-35X for my honest opinion. . Massdrop is rolling out a new pricing structure. Paraphrasing from Mr. Fernandez: "We are doing this to reward members that support products early by giving them a price break before a product goes into store. . For the HE-35X the product is available at a special launch price until April 18 or until the first 750 are sold. . We want folks to know about this new pricing plan which will apply to future Massdrop Made headphones." . Here is the link that talks a bit more about the pricing: . . With regards to my thoughts about the HE-35X, it is everything you would want, and then some. . Compared to the original HE350, the HE-35X has more palpable bass, at around +5db to my ears. The upper bass and subbass is a bit more viseral than the HE350 with modifications such as the paper towel mod and Brainwavz Angled Pads (BAP). Smoother rumbling than the mods, with comforting touches to your head as the tracks play on. . The HE-35X has a toned down midrange compared to the HE-350, and is buttery smooth. . In the HE350 review, I stated "treble may sound bright to very bright"; the HE-35X has treble that is smoothed and as a result, a joy to listen. . Soundstage isn't as expansive as the HE350, but having a bit more lower register, with a smoother midrange and treble is a good compromise to embody, in my opinion. . With regards to headphone comfort, the HE-35X feels as good on the head as the HE350 with modifications. . The total presentation is that of an upgrade of the original HE350, the result of the reviews and owners' feedback. . Is the HE-35X worth it? If you haven't owned a HE350 level headphone, I would unequivocally say the HE-35X is definitely worth the price. If you already own the HE350 or another headphone like the musically neutral K7XX, maybe. The HE-35X sounds different enough in my opinion compared to the HE350 that both are completely different headphones. The HE-35X is in my opinion a revelation of the HE350: the epitome of the original. . Enjoy a luxuriously audiophile value!
Mar 21, 2019
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