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Dec 19, 2017
They just arrived today and what can I say, they totally worth the price. The voices sound very natural and smooth, instruments are clear and sound stage is good but not huge. The sound is very pleasant to listen to and they sound like a very good all rounder. From rock to violins to women's voices, they all sound pleasant, real and present. You should power them with something, though, as straight out of an average phone they won't do wonders. Just plug them into some LG V20, V30 or some other with a dedicated DAC/amp and they will shine straight out of it too. Otherwise, if you want them mobile, you need some sort of decent amp or dac/amp combo. At desk, of course, they also benefit from decent sources. Feeding them sound from motherboard won't make magic, neither. Same thing applies to computers, as for mobiles. I've tried them straight out of iphone 5/6/8 and samsung edge7 and they do ok, a samsung J5 class does no justice to them and straight out of an LGV20, they start to rock. So you need good source, this is advice for noobs who may expect awesomeness from such drops, just like that, out of anything, with a hole in it. I've also tried them out of an E10k and an X1s and of course the X1s makes them sound a lot better. Cons at this price can't find. Construction is solid and consistent, they don't look or feel cheap. So, to keep it short, they worth it.
Dec 19, 2017
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