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Jan 9, 2018
I received my Massdrop HiFiMan HE4xx headphones about a week ago and since have been diving into my CD collection to see what sounds the phones reveal in familiar recordings. Overall my impression of the phones has been very positive such that my venerable Sennheiser HD600s have been retired from use, at least for the time being. The technology behind planar magnetic headphones strikes me as being similar in design to that used in the ribbon tweeters in my Golden Ear Triton loudspeakers, in that the whole surface of the driver is vibrating in unison. Although I'm certainly not an electrical or acoustic engineer, I believe this accounts for superb resolution and low distortion of which these drivers are capable. My only reservation has to do with the comfort of the phones over long listening sessions. Their weight although not insubstantial is not my major concer; rather, it is the clamping force of the spring headband which causes some discomfort. Of course I've found that I take a somewhat large hat size which may partly explain my experience; but it is a reservation I have concerning the phones. Hopefully over time I'll adapt!
Jan 9, 2018
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