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Apr 9, 2018
I'll keep it brief, and maybe come at this from a different angle. For anyone wondering how these perform when gaming, they are sensational. The open sound stage makes positional audio the best I have experienced after coming from AT AD-700X's which themselves are very good. Combined with the excellent comfort and clarity these make great headphones to use in place of 'High end' gaming headphones which easily cost more.
I have these running off an SMSL M8A>Bravo Audio Ocean>Aune X7s, for music clarity I think correctly driven these sound phenomenal, but they do require a decent current to drive well. Running off a phone or just an output jack I found these couldn't get loud enough or provide the same level of clarity as my Oppo PM-3's.
I'm not an audio reviewer, so I don't know any of the fancy terms or anything, all I know if these sound damn good and work in almost any situation and have made many of my friends buy them. If you enjoy Music, Movies or Gaming these are amazing high end headphones that don't cost a million bucks but with ample power definitely sound it.
Apr 9, 2018
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