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Apr 10, 2018
Actually guys it was awful. It was almost 7 month of waiting time and then once i got it there was problems with QC on your or HifiMan side. Drivers were jammed and yokes were misaligned. Was forced to send it back to get refund.... and all this after 7 months :( Long story short. Cans itself are fine. Sound is lilbit on a bright side. Lack of bass. BuildQuality is good. Soundstage is ok. separation is ok. Should i recommend? hard to say. If u want to get yourself a pair of planars then u can try to get any fostex RP series... Argon edition would be the best one. If you need more planars then go for Monolith m1060. Price is bit more (around 250$) But u will get MUCH MORE in all areas. More Calrity, bass, soundstage... only problem can be comfort but it's personal.
Apr 10, 2018
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