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Apr 11, 2018
They are decent however I wouldn't rank them above the Sennheiser 6XX's.
Pads are too thin so your ear touches the inside causing irritation and mild pain after several hours. They are also pretty heavy which doesn't help. I think with some thick sheepskin pads they would be totally comfortable and the headband itself feels really nice, however good sheepskin earpads cost upwards of 70USD which would put the price over the Sennheiser 6XXs
They sound "flatter" compared to the 6XX's from Sennheiser.
I own both pairs and use them with a DAC. If you plan on not using a DAC I would recommend getting Sennheiser 598s or something else. (My 598s were a pretty close second compared to both these cans)
Apr 11, 2018
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