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May 12, 2018
What can I say. These have been my all time favorite headphone for the price. Even though I've seen lots of quality control issues on them, i personally have bought 3 of these and had no issues. I gave 2 of them away and 1 person came back to me and explained how he is blown away and understands why I'm so into audio now. When I'm home, i use LCD2, but at work I use these plugged straight into my galaxy s6, s7 or now mostly s9+.
I've also had iPhone people tell me it doesn't get loud enough, so you may need an amp if you have iPhone. Something like a dragonfly black would probably be perfect for iPhone.
All in all though, this marks a new engineering marvel. Amazing planar sound, for only $165. Wow.
The sound: very accurate lows, plenty of bass if you're not a bass quantity over quality guy
Mids are amazing. Detail is amazing, attack and decay is truly planar. Comfort is perfect. Extremely smooth, some might say bright, but i just say the hd6xx is too dark, so this is perfect to me.
May 12, 2018
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