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May 30, 2018
Me Likey :-) FYI they do need a little powaah!High gain Magni 3 power. 3 Month update The He4XX just gets better and better. So smooth. The build on mine has held up but I don't think the pads will last. Glue is already starting to separate from the rings.Might try the ZMF universal perforated lambskin pads. Recently received the HD58X.Also a great headphone. Between the two I enjoy the HE4XX more for music but I do think the HD58X might be a better all around headphone for daily use. It is lighter,easier to drive and I have a feeling even though it feels like a cheaper build it will last longer.Both are great headphone for the price. NOW I NEED TO STOP BUYING SH!T FROM MASSDROP :-)
May 30, 2018
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