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Jul 6, 2018
Setup - So I don't run a high end audio setup. for listening sessions when im not on my computer i use a ear studio es100( ) It has aptx and i have a lgv20 (phone) which supports it. and it sounds better than a dedicated ampdac combo i got for the same price for my computer.
So, the actual headphones don't sound bad. they have a more bass than the sen 6xx's but then again those are balanced. as for the sound, it sounds less warm. so higher volumes feel a little less comfy over those. the size adjuster is simple without snap-locks but still keeps it how you want them without shifting. one of the ear indicators ( the circle on the size adjusters had fallen off either due to a weak glue bind or not enough glue, it didnt bother me much since i had superglue, but that might have annoyed more people. the feel of the headphones is nice, the ear pad shape isnt as comfy as the ones designed around actual ear shapes, but are still very comfy, just more noticeable that they're there. the metal and leather build feels premium. Also if you move your hand by the outside of the earcups(not even covering them completely) some of the sound will feel odd but if you don't move your hair or anything you're good.
Sound - Less warm than say Sennheiser 6xx's but they have more bass instead.
Build quality - great (some might have lack of glue for the caps on the size adjusters)
I do like them, but if you already have something like Sennheiser 6xx's like I do, it might not be the best buy. I really do think these are good but not if you already have something in the class of 6xxs. if i didn't have those i'd most likely have been more excited.
Jul 6, 2018
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