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Jul 19, 2018
Short version: 5/5 on audio quality, build quality however... Not so great. Having read the reviews, I unscrewed the yokes and discovered, yes, they are far too bent out. Finding a bit that fit was kind of bothersome too- I ended up using a torx key- not optimal. But that's alright by me. My problem occurred when I put them in my bag, and the cap at the joints between the headband and yokes fell off! The little shell is held on there by two dabs of hot glue! An easy fix, but I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned this. Edit: I've dropped my review a couple stars as these headphones have just kept falling apart completely. The pads have fallen off entirely, having only been attached in the first place by what I assume to be good hopes and dreams. To make matters worse, to attach new pads you're looking at a 20$ adapter, which was an unpleasant surprise. Further, the screws still work their way out, even with the yoke adjustment, requiring a dab of locktite to prevent them from removing themselves on a weekly basis. In light of this, I have to call the build quality completely abysmal. Audio quality was better than I expected. Very nice soundstage, quite an experience coming from a set of closed headphones. Sound was very clear, mids were good, highs were good, and lows were good too. Zero to complain about here- but if you don't like flat-response headphones, these really are not for you. There was no frequency that really stood out here. Comfort wise, nothing of note. Nice big headphones, cupped my ears nicely. Not too heavy, not too light, nor too clampy. Overall, very nice headphones, but the build quality is not up to snuff. I highly recommend making sure the yokes are bent properly and testing to see if the caps pop off easily.
Jul 19, 2018
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