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Jul 19, 2018
I’m an amateur sound designer/musician & this is my first pair of cans that I bought specifically for listening to music. I’m not completely sold on their tuning (yet), but the clarity is impressive. I’m definitely hearing things in music that I’ve been listening to for 20+ years in a way that I hadn’t before. I wouldn’t say I’m hearing new things, but I can pick things out in a mix better than I ever have in all my history of studio headphones (closed & fairly neutral). For what it’s worth, I appreciate hi-fi and have a good ear (just came from the audiologist yesterday, top marks 👌) but my perspective is more that from a music producer if that makes sense. Coming from predominantly closed studio cans (Shure SRH840’s are my go to) I was a bit disappointed in the width of the soundstage, but the mix clarity seems to make up for this a bit, helping me place sounds in the stereo mix well. They’re pretty power dependent. You can drive them from an iPhone and put a smile on your face - but when plugged into my various interfaces, mixers & other weird gear (that seem to have plenty of oomph) the aforementioned mix clarity is more confident, especially at the low end. Oh, my head is HUGE and these fit at their biggest setting. Comfort seems good for a can this heavy. I think I prefer the headband style of the 400i/400s. So that’s only a few days into owning them, but I think I’ll keep them.
Jul 19, 2018
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