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Aug 16, 2018
They sound great when they work. The L Jack on mine has an intermittent connection. Massdrop’s only solution: send them back for a repair or exchange option is available. So, on that note, I must say the quality control on these is poor. I have contacted HiFiMan to see if they will exchange or repair them. With that said, I now own 4 sets of headphones and these are my favorite. The soundstage is as big as I've ever heard with headphones, and they are very revealing and quick, with lots of "air". I also own Sennheiser HD6XX and I like these better. The Sennheisers give a "closer" listening experience...the highs on the Senns are brighter, more detailed, I might say a bit more "harsh", and the soundstage is smaller, but you are closer to the performer. If you go from the Senn HD6XX to the HE4XX on the same song, it will be like you moved back a few rows in a much bigger venue. Highs will be a bit rolled off (which I like) and the bass will be larger. Again, I like these over the Sennheisers. I would not hesitate to recommend them, but the quality control needs to be better or Massdrop needs to buy more so they can replace defective units when they do a drop. For closed-back headphones, check out the ESS 422h. Very, very nice sound and beautiful wood construction , but they need broken in for 75 hours or so.
Aug 16, 2018
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