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Aug 28, 2018
I liked these quite a bit when I got them, I love them now. The stock cable is pretty shit, mine had a short in one of the wires, so I replaced that. Then I got curious about other pads. After some research I bought the Ablet sheepskin pads from Amazon. The pads got the exact sound out of these that I was looking for. These are great with the stock pads, but the bass is bland and a bit weak. The pads bring the bass to life without diminishing the quality of the rest of the sound. My iphone can power these with no issues, which is fantastic. So aside from the fact that they're open back, they're totally portable. I wear them whenever I walk around my house. I think enough reviews cover the sound, so I'll leave it at this: These are amazing, especially for the price point. If you're on the fence, get them. EDIT: After owning these for several months they have become my favorite thing to listen to music with. They're SO SMOOTH. The sound signature is just so god damn clean. "Laid back" is how Zeos described these and he's totally right. They aren't aggressive at all, and for extended music listening sessions that's just so appealing. I have had the screws that attach the headband to the cups come lose, and I keep having to re-tighten them, but that's the only build issue I have encountered. I really can't recommend these enough.
Aug 28, 2018
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