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Sep 3, 2018
These things are AMAZING! The packaging was good - very display-like as the lay in their box, so a great first impression. The build quality is probably my absolute favourite thing about these cans. They feel a bit heavy because of the metal yokes, the plastics used are high quality and then took is fantastic (I'm a big fan of huge Leia cans). The cable is good quality, although for my uses it is a bit on the short side, so I'll probably invest in a bit of longer one some time down the road. Fit on these is great, they stay in place easily and clamp with what for me is just the right amount of pressure. The ear pads feel very nice on the skin and don't seem to cause sweating or anything like that after long periods of use. The sound is huge overall. The soundstage is quite good- mids are, to my ears, perfect, and the bass is great - present but not overstated, definitely plenty for the average listener with the absolute option to crank it if one may so desire. I personally could use a touch more highs, but thankfully with these cans, that's something that's easily adjustable to taste with an EQ. Interestingly enough, like the Monoprice Monoliths, these cans can get some drastically different sound depending on how much /whether you open or cover the backs -not sure it means anything to anyone, but the sound is noticeably much brighter when they're fully covered. Might be something worth looking into for a non-permanent mod or something. For these being my first ever $100+ headphones, I'm extremely satisfied! [edit]: just hit the roughly 9-10 months mark of owning these cans. I have yet to have an issue with them. Excellent sound quality as the first day I bought them. NO issues with them trying to fall apart on me or anything like that. They show the standard signs of use, and trust me - these things have fallen quite a few times now. No issues whatsoever; still recommend 100%
Sep 3, 2018
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