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Sep 17, 2018
It's hard to fault these. Like so many here I own several headsets as well as multiple amplifiers. Making an informed decision about these leaves no grounds for guesswork. What these and planars in general bring to the table is outstanding transient response, something traditional dynamic moving coil headsets struggle with. Even compared to my Stax electrostats these hold their own. From my first listening experience forward, you could tell the difference. Now that they have been broken in for awhile, all the better. They also offer portability, something I never could enjoy with my Stax. Driving them still requires amplification to get the most out of them, especially the bass. The imaging and sound stage are a nice balance. I have yet to experience phones that get both just right. If I were to describe these I'd say they are analytical yet musical, if that's possible. It's certainly easy to distinguish good recordings from mediocre ones and hearing the sonic signature of each of my amplifiers is 'ear' apparent. Reproducing good music is the goal. As for these, no complaints there. Currently, on balance, I would say these are my best cans to date. Just for the record, I prefer 24 bit lossless recordings. And yes, I'm in the camp that insists there is a difference. These phones help confirm that experience. Well done HiFiman and Massdrop.
Sep 17, 2018
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