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Sep 21, 2018
Arrived bit later than expected 3 days ago, been using them since then nonstop pretty much, no build issues so far, the screws feels tight and i hope they will stay that way.
Music: Before i've used HD 598SR, at first with 4XX i've started to notice small details in music that i've never paid attention with 598's i thought i never heard them before, but then switched back to 598 and i can hear them fine, probs because they were not that distinct/in ur face in 598. Tried to compare them both as fast as i can, it was hard to tell the difference in terms of sound quality but after hours of testing i've realized that 598 sounds bit muddier, distant and not so lively and struggles to handle some details/sounds such as bass punch / sub bass and some from the mid/hi end etc, but by default 598's was ALOT bassier ( But with Bass Boost EQ on 4XX the 598 completely loses in every aspect in bass ).
Treble is alot better on 4XX for my taste, its more sibilant and adds more "realism" to female vocals, but its not tiring.
There's alot more room for EQ on 4XX.
If 4XX is 10/10 for music 598's would be 8/10.
Gaming: Later i've switched to gaming tests ( Hitman 2016 which has great sound system - Crowded Area with lots of random sounds ), didn't took long, the imaging, separation, soundstage and maybe immersion of 4XX was just way too superior, i felt like i was there - ingame, while 598's sounded bit "cloudy" and off.
If 4XX is 10/10 for gaming 598's would be 7/10.

P.S. I do not have Dedicated AMP or DAC. With proper power i believe the results would be more distant.
Comfort: I like the feel of it when i put them on more than 598's but with time it can get a bit uncomfy, i'd say the comfort is very close to the 598, also the velour is not itchy at all like many claims.

1) I've peeled off the dust filter from the grill ( reversible ), i think it improved the soundstage and sound quality + ears dont get warm that much.
2) Here's my EQ for Equalizer APO Peace ( save it as .peace using notepad etc - improves the clarity of mids/highs and adds pretty decent amount of bass, but not too much imo ): ( Bass boost only, currently using this )
If you decide to use/try it, please give me some feedback or maybe drop your better ones :) Im not expert in EQ or something like that.
Sep 21, 2018
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