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Oct 27, 2018
Im happy with my choice for my 1st real cans. I was disappointed at first about the bass output but I think they got better as they broke in over time, because Ive grown to really like them, either that or my expectations grew realistic. I have IEM's that kicked there butt, but spent more than 4x as much for the iems. I kind of let them sit for awhile and realized later I enjoyed them, again not sure if it was break in or what. Happy with build quality and everything else, along w/other reviews the only thing I would like more of is deep grumpy bass, they can do punchy bass a bit but low boomy sub bass is a little lacking but lets get real $170 they are awesome. Not gonna get perfect anything for $170. I would recommend and are good if u dont have expensive equipment to drive headphones properly. I would like to hear the sennheiser hd6xx to see if I made the right choice tbh, Im happy tho. Happy Shopping!
Oct 27, 2018
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