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Oct 30, 2018
At first I was not impressed with these cans at all, they just sounded kinda blah.. And I am no big believer in "burn in" but my mind may have been changed, after about 30 hours these things really stated to shine.. Detail is great, soundstage is substantial and they are just well rounded sound wise.. They are fairly comfortable, pads are not bad and the are a bit weighty but I noticed no fatigue when wearing them for extended periods of time.. The reason for the 1 star deduction is for the tiny screws that connect the forks to the earcups.. The is metal then a tiny rubber bushing and the tiny screw connecting it all together.. The screws were not tightened uniformly and after miner use I noticed one of the screws had become fairly loose, the bushing was actually loose and there was significant play in the metal fork, it could be compressed into the earcup,, I tightened that screw and the rest of them while I was at it.. I dont know if this is a QC issue or just something that is an issue with just my pair.. I would still recommend them..
Oct 30, 2018
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