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Dec 7, 2018
I've owned these for a year now. I use them on a daily basis at home on my computer. I have a Xonar DAC in my computer and a nice amp for planars: The Elemental Watson. I don't think the 4xx sound great without equalization. That's my take. Here's what I would say. I have the 6XX and the 4xx. I received the 4xx first. It took me a week or so of equalizing and testing to get a few sound profiles I liked on my DAC. I found it interesting that when I received my 6xx, they sounded exactly like the sound signature I spent a week finding for my 4xx. If I had no way to equalize the 4xx, I would have been using the 6xx for the past year instead. The mids are a little veiled. It also lacks some soundstage, but I am spoiled by having had Audio Technicas for many years. The AD700x and AD900x I owned had such a great soundstage and mids and highs (though no bass). I found the 4xx to be a little lacking in soundstage. But it doesn't bother me much now. I no longer use my 6xx, since I find that an equalized 4xx is superior in all the areas I like except one... the sibilance of the 4xx. Although I equalized it out a decent amount, it is still there as a slight emphasis. The bass has no impact in the 4xx unless you equalize it. The beauty of the 4xx is that it doesn't distort when you equalize. Now, having said that... it does have some odd distortions. On certain sounds, the 4xx has an odd distortion that isn't present on my other headphones. It's not the distortion from lack of power/amping, it just has an odd way of handling certain sounds. For the price, you really should just pick up these phones.
Dec 7, 2018
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