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Aug 22, 2017
I love and hate these IEMs.
The Good: - The sound quality is fantastic. It's good enough to occasionally trick me into thinking the sound is actually coming from my environment. After hearing these, I can't go back to anything inferior. - With a flat EQ, these are great for listening to any style of music, or for watching videos or gaming.

The Bad: - Sometimes, one of the ear buds will randomly stop getting any sound. I usually put them down and then they'll work again the next day. - Sometimes, one of the ear buds will produce significantly less volume. This is very annoying, as the sound is now offset. I usually put them down and then they'll work again the next day. - The left and right ear buds are physically identical, ie: you cannot easily tell them apart unless you bring it right up near your face to stare at the tiny 'R' or 'L' inscribed on them. - The braided cable got really kinky after reasonable use. - The left ear bud started falling apart recently. The metal shell literally falls off into two pieces. - The flat EQ is great for pretty much every music genre, except really bassy music. The low range is a tad disappointing at times.
The Conclusion: I love the sound quality of these ear buds, though I really wish they were designed better and had a decent build quality. Unfortunately they are unreliable and literally falling apart. I will have to crazy glue one of the ear buds to keep it together. Note that I am very careful with my stuff, and I haven't dropped these or abused them. My last set of inexpensive earbuds from JVC lasted ~4-5 years... Yet I've had these HiFiMAN ear buds less than a year... I will try to avoid this brand in the future based on the surprisingly awful build quality, though I will need a replacement that can match the sound quality.
Aug 22, 2017
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