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Sep 24, 2016
These are at best...meh. Tried several different tips and the Comply foams sound the best. Hopefully some burn in will help. :( Comparing these with my FiiO EX1's, Zero Audio Carbo Tenore's, TTPOD T1's, Mee Audio M6 Pro's, I would rate these dead last. Yeah, I know the Fiio's are twice the price so maybe not a fair comparison but still. Anemic bass, no sound stage, no sparkle. WTF?: Besides the SQ, no carrying case or even a bag, no shirt clip, no cable bead...seriously Massdrop...I waited nearly six months for this? I guess it's my fault for believing the hype. :(
Edit: I should add that I am listening to .flac files through foobar WASAPI output through Grace m9xx
Sep 24, 2016
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